Scholarship Program Children of Persia

2017 -2018 Scholarship Program

Children of Persia (COP) was established in 1999 with the objective of promoting the well-being of the disadvantaged Iranian children thru providing healthcare, education, and social services assistance. In 2006, Children of Persia, through its generous donors, started its scholarship program with a focus on assisting students with financial need to meet their goal of attaining higher education. COP truly believes that knowledge is power. Over the years, we have realized that those we help become strong advocates when it comes to helping others and as such, we hope to inspire the younger generation to help themselves and help others through their success. This year, for a third year in a row, we are partnering with the Iranian American Medical Society (IAMS) of Greater Washington Metropolitan Area, to add one additional scholarship with a focus on students in health related fields.

Full scholarship information and application material can be found on the Children of Persian website.