The Finance Committee:

makes recommendations to the Board regarding the general budgeting and fund-raising activities of the Society.

The Education (CME) Committee:

is responsible for implementing the Society’s academic activities and also organizes lectures about preventive medicine for the Iranian community.

Dr. Majid Fotuhi

The Membership Committee:

oversees membership, recruiting and renewals for the Society’s membership

Dr. Azadeh Sami | Dr. Payam Kashi

The Nominating Committee:

responsible for nominations of the officers of the Society. The Nominating Committee shall convene biannually eight (8) weeks prior to the annual meeting, and submit its recommendations to the members of the Society at the annual meeting.

Dr. Sayeh Naderi | Dr. Majid Fotuhi | Dr. Ali Moshirfar

The Bylaws Committee:

evaluates and proposes any changes in the Bylaws for approval by the membership according to provisions of Article 9.

Dr. Ali Moshirfar

The Social and Cultural Committee:

responsible for arranging social and cultural activities.

Dr. Payam Kashi | Dr. Sayeh Naderi

Other/Ad Hoc committees:

Appointed by the Board for special functions from time to time as deemed necessary