Does IAMSGW have any political or religious affiliations?

IAMSGW is an apolitical, non-religious professional medical society for the Iranian-American physicians in the greater Washington DC area that has gathered physicians of same cultural background together since 1990.

How can I pay my membership dues online?

You may pay your membership dues online using this link.

Who has access to my professional profile?


How do I update my professional profile?

You can update your professional profile by logging into your account. 

What are the advantages of renewing membership early?

Although the membership is based on a calendar year, early registration provided access to opportunities provided throughout the year. The first Quarterly dinner/meeting starts in the month of January.

How long is the IAMSGW membership period?

One calendar year, January 1st through December 31st.

How is the IAMSGW membership dues distributed?

  1. Complimentary Annual CME event
  2. Complimentary Quarterly general dinner/meeting
  3. Complimentary Quarterly/monthly health education lecture at Iranian American Community Center (Pars-place)
  4. Complimentary Family Fun Day (subject to board approval, was done in the past two years)
  5. Discounted annual IAMSGW gala
  6. Website/IT
  7. Accounting
  8. Administrative support
  9. Educational Scholarship
  10. Humanitarian foundation financial support
  11. Legal

Can students or residents in-training be members of IAMSGW?

The annual membership fee is $180. Reduced fees for physicians in training and retirees.

  • $50/year student/resident/fellow in-training
  • $50/year retired physicians
  • $180/year practicing physicians


What are benefits of becoming a member?

Becoming an IAMSGW member allows opportunities to network with others and give back to the community via your knowledge and clinical skills, as well as participate in various educational events. There are social, cultural, and educational events throughout the year. Among the educational events are four dinner lectures per year (free for paid members) addressing various topics that are important for clinical practice but not covered in our medical training. In addition, there is annual multi-specialty conference.

Who can join IAMSGW?

To be eligible for membership an individual must be a physician (MD or DO) of  Iranian descent,  who has demonstrated good moral character and ethics.

How can I donate to IAMS?

Sponsors may donate to IAMS via PayPal button below: