Welcome to the new IAMS-GW website.  We are comprised of Iranian-American physicians of various specialties, joined by the desire to create a supportive environment conducive to networking, learning, and embracing our cultural values.

The purpose and mission of the Society is:
  • To advance the knowledge and experience of its members and provide a forum for learning, exchange and dissemination of information and ideas.
  • To foster community education and improve public awareness.
  • To coordinate, sponsor or direct continuing medical education, or health related activities, and develop relationships with other medical and cultural societies locally, nationally and internationally.
  • To promote and encourage activities of social and cultural interest to the physicians of Iranian origin and/or the Iranian community.

The goal is that these efforts serve to reinforce the bond between members and create an atmosphere that encourages a commitment among members to offer support for, and to participate in the life of the Society.


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